Peak performance water bottles

‘Indestructible’ is how we’d describe the Turner activity bottle from Dukes of London. With an amazing glass-like clarity, the bottles are made from BPA-free Tritan™ plastic, which looks like glass - until you drop them. This material has much greater shatter resistance than other plastics and glass. Stick them in the dishwasher hundreds of times and they won’t crack or lose their lustre.

The health benefits of drinking water make a water bottle a perfect giveaway for many brands, and this gift helps your company to promote exercise to employees. Water is the most important nutrient for active people. We can print your logo onto the clear bottle, raising the profile of your brand at the gym, on the running track and by the pool.  

Despite the superior engineering of this Turner activity bottle, the price tag is just £6.50 each from Dukes of London. This is based on an order of 500 or more, printing one colour, and excludes set up and delivery.

Cool design features you need to know too, are that the straw appears or disappears with one simple turn, and you can drink without tilting the 650ml bottle. We’ve tested these bottles out in our Shoreditch studio, shaking them about all over the place with water inside, and they simply didn’t leak!

Choose a branded water bottle that looks really smart and performs brilliantly for your workforce and your clients.

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