We hope you’ll share our excitement about helping charity ‘Trees for Life’ with every purchase of beautiful notebooks from the Spiritum brand.

We’re now the exclusive UK distributor of Spiritum and we think you’ll love the quality of these notebooks, as well as the eco friendly materials used to craft them. Only paper that is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified is used. We’ve checked out how the Spiritum production teams minimise waste, and how the notebooks are transported here.

A tree will be planted by Trees for Life for every order you make of 20 Spiritum notebooks.  It’s thrilling to think of these trees being planted in our very own Dukes of London grove, in the spectacular Caledonian Forest in the Scottish highlands.

The name ‘Spiritum’ comes from the Latin word for ‘breathe’ and Trees for Life are therefore a perfect partner, working to replant forests and help the natural world to breathe.

“We talk to people in marketing and purchasing roles who have their own passions for sustainability” says Richard, our sales manager. “As well as helping their business to be socially responsible, they also get satisfaction from knowing they are sourcing environmentally-friendly products.”

Poetry, wine tasting notes or perhaps just some thrilling excerpts from the monthly sales meeting will find a good home in these Spiritum notebooks for your clients or colleagues, and branded with your logo they’ll look great. You’ll also find the price point pleasingly competitive compared to other premium brand luxe Notebooks, yet the look and feel is comparable.

600 trees have already been planted in the Dukes of London grove which is fantastic news. We’re really inspired by Trees for Life’s work; creating and developing native woodlands abundant in wildlife, and protecting them for generations to come. You can find out more here.

We’re proud of the strict sourcing policies we have for all our products at Dukes of London.       As always, feel free to ask any questions you might have.