Branding, not burning

It’s not big and it’s not clever to have a bright red face in London SW19 or anywhere this summer, due to sunburn! We’ve had lots of enquiries recently about the branded tubes of sun lotion now available from Dukes of London. The full colour label gives you plenty of space to promote your brand, plus inform people going out and about that this product provides both UVA and UVB protection, and a SPF of 25.

You could provide your company’s employees with a free gift of sun lotion, to help keep them healthy. As Cancer Research UK states: “The sun is often strong enough to burn at home in the UK. And it doesn’t have to be a sunny day either – UV can be strong even on cloudy days.”

If you’re lucky enough to be looking forward to watching a full day’s play at Wimbledon, you’ll definitely need this handbag-sized sun lotion in your Céline clutch or Armani manbag.

At only £2.25 per white 50ml tube when you order at least 500, excluding set up and delivery, you can provide useful promotional merchandise for less than the cost of a Mr Whippy on Brighton Pier.