Advantage: lips

If you’re looking for a selection of fun, small and quirky promotional items, to place in a goody bag perhaps, lip balm is a winner. A great giveaway at an event, whether sporty or summer or social, you’ll love the price of this one - a 9ml tennis ball shaped lip balm costs just £1.50 per unit from Dukes of London.

That price ticket is based on ordering 500, printing in one colour and excludes set up and delivery.

Opening the gorgeous bright ball reveals vanilla-flavoured balm, made with natural ingredients including cocoa butter and coconut oil. Suitable for your Rafael Nadals as well as your Laura Robsons, the scent and flavour are not girly. Handy all year round, lip balm protects lips from sun and wind, making them as smooth as Barry from Business Services’ sales patter.

We also offer lip balm in lipstick-style branded packaging, and you’ll find a good match for your corporate palette in the rainbow of colours available. The tube can be opaque or transparent, and can even be a metallic or fluorescent colour. A good idea would be to opt for the SPF20 formulation too for the balm, to protect from the sun.

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