Smile: Under my umbrella

There’s a reason why umbrellas are so popular as branded merchandise. They’re really useful and are therefore appreciated. And the reason they’re appreciated is that people just don’t like to spend their own money on one! A beach towel yes, an umbrella? “It might jinx the weather adversely, and maybe I’ll wait until someone gives me one…”

Anyone lucky enough to have visited the pyramids in Egypt will have seen depictions of the first parasols held over the heads of royalty. The humble umbrella is now one of the most commonly used objects in the modern world.

At Dukes of London we source our umbrellas from trusted partner the Booth Brothers. With 25 years experience, we selected this family business due to their sustainable sourcing of raw materials, and their innovative printing and production technologies.

As a large and colourful item, the umbrella is a great canvas for your branding. Grouped together at an event, they’ll look fantastic in photos, and united by the irony of British weather at a summer event as the drips turn into a deluge off the corners of the marquee, people might have even more fun than they expected.

Don’t feel restricted to simply having a logo printed either. The ‘Soft Feel’ printing method we offer on selected umbrella products gives you pantone matched fabric and allows for dramatic full panel designs. Unlimited number of colours, faithful reproduction of multi-coloured logos, tonal images and photographic designs are all creative options on the table.

Whatever colour the umbrella, it can be green at heart. Our umbrella partner’s UK site is where all manufacturing takes place and boasts a host of renewable energy generators including three wind turbines, five large solar PV arrays and a hydro electric turbine. The energy that is not generated by the company is supplied from 100% renewable sources so they are truly a Carbon Neutral organisation.

‘What about umbrellas made from recycled materials?’ we hear you cry! Yes, we do offer umbrellas made from the revolutionary “Green Plus®” yarn, which performs in exactly the same way as the conventional fabrics, but offers the added benefit of being 100% recycled. The yarn is made from recycled PET (PolyEthylene Terephthalate), the clear polyester used for drinks containers.

There’s actually more choice available for your branded umbrellas than you might expect. So feel free to pick our brains on what we would recommend for you. You can choose from flexi-foam, wooden or rubber handles, 10 pole colours, various canopy shapes, open sizes, lengths and weights; golf umbrellas, small folding umbrellas, children’s umbrellas and parasols. Colourful parasols printed with your logo would be great to provide shaded areas for employees and customers to enjoy the outdoors during the summer months.

A cool feature of our ProBrella golf range is that they have been subjected to a Wind Performance Test. Unrelated to schoolboy humour, this means that the umbrellas have been tested and can withstand wind speeds of 30 miles per hour. Above this speed, the umbrellas will likely blow inside out, yet they have been specially designed to revert back to shape.

Turnaround from Dukes of London can be speedy if needed too – contact us to find out prices, design options and turnaround times for your branded umbrellas.