Music to your ears: affordable branded gifts

We like to offer you lots of choice in how your brand appears on your corporate gift, and you can choose a fully bespoke design on items now including the ‘Promobud’ earbud. These little headphones for wearing inside the ear, and plugging the cable into a smartphone, can feature your logo as a 2D shape in the colours of your choice.

The good news is that these branded earbuds at Dukes of London cost just £4.90 each, when you order 250 or more, excluding origination and delivery.

The packaging of our earbuds will make a great impression on the recipient too. They sit snugly in a clear tube, above a cardboard insert that will feature your design, branding and messaging.

Don’t worry – even at this price, the sound quality is good and the earbuds are comfortable for hours of listening. So what will you listen to? Latest stats from RAJAR (Radio Joint Audience Research) shows that live radio makes up only 21.9% of what we now listen to on smartphones. Digital tracks make up 30.4%, the biggest share, followed by on-demand music services such as Spotify and Apple Music. Online music video, podcasts and catch up radio all take a small share too of our choices for audio consumption on the go.

And did you think that a BBC station would be the biggest UK radio station, based on listener numbers? Well, here’s one for your next pub quiz: the ‘biggest’ radio station in the UK is actually ASDA FM which reaches 18 million shoppers, plus 167,500 staff every week!

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