Hand gestures of the polite variety

Brand new on the market this month, Dukes of London are among the first to offer a revolutionary gadget that allows you to control any smart device by hand gestures. The Bixi can be branded with your logo, and your customers will love waving goodbye to button pressing in their car, home and at their desk.

Bixi reads your hand gesture and sends a Bluetooth LE signal to the Bixi app on your smartphone. Your Bixi app instantly reads the Bixi signal and delivers a command to your favourite devices through a Bluetooth or Wifi connection.

The hand gestures you can use include: wave up to turn music volume up, wave down to turn volume down; wave left to hear previous song and wave right to hear the next song.

You can control Powerpoint, Adobe PDF and Chrome too via your hand gestures.

Next time your hands are covered in butter and flour in the kitchen, use your Bixi to browse the pastry recipe without needing to touch your tablet! The Bixi can also be used to control lighting, such as LIFX smart bulbs.

Bixi is compact, sturdy and has a hexagonal shape. It was named after a Chinese mythological turtle, due to its intelligent and wise character. Black with a choice of coloured casings (blue, green, burgundy and purple), the Bixi is £70 per unit, digitally printed with your branding, when you order 100. Origination and delivery are extra.

Noted among ABI Research's 2016 'HOT TECH INNOVATORS' list, Bixi will be a fun and handy corporate gift that will get people talking. Contact us to obtain a quote for the volume you require.