Elvis & Kresse to the rescue!

At Dukes of London, we can reveal a new partnership with a fashion brand showered with awards for craftsmanship and environmental performance. Elvis & Kresse ‘rescue’ waste fabrics and transform them into beautiful wallets, bags, belts, cufflinks, keyrings, phone cases, notebooks and more.

The opportunity now arises for you to offer these recycled accessories as memorable and classy corporate gifts. Your branding will be laser etched onto these tactile and high-quality items for men and women.

Ideal if you’d love to offer something different with a story behind it – the core of our Elvis & Kresse accessories range is actually made from reclaimed fire hose! Since 2005, any London Fire Service hose that can no longer be used by the officers comes to the Elvis & Kresse workshop in a Kent watermill, ready for transformation, rather than going to landfill.

Co-founder Kresse Wesling explains:

“I see the fire hose as a ‘heroic’ material – it had a distinguished career fighting fires and saving lives. Over the years we have invented a 6-stage technique to take dirty fire hose and turn it into a luxury textile. It was a challenging process that started with five broken sewing machines! I’m really proud that we have kept this robust material full of character out of the ground. We also give 50% profit from the fire hose range to The Fire Fighters Charity.”

Kresse and her partner nicknamed Elvis constantly seek new challenges and now rescue 15 different materials in their efforts to reduce waste. Another incredible ‘story-laden’ material in the range available from Dukes is the printing blanket. When a blanket is damaged or wears out it can no longer be used, so they reclaim these blankets, clean them up, re-engineer them and create a new (vintage) raw material. You can order from Dukes of London belts, wallets and briefcases fashioned from printing blankets, with a sleek matt black finish and contrast red stitching, complete with your branding.

We can’t wait to see which items will be the most popular. The advantage for corporate gifting is that they are classic pieces, that people use year in, year out. The quality as well as the story behind the accessories will reflect well on your brand. We expect the range to be especially popular with organisations who are conscious about their consumption.

Kresse feels that businesses are in a miraculous position to make positive change to the environment. As a business owner she is in control to be as ethical as she wishes:

“As long as our business is making money, I can give as much of that money away as I want! And we do! I can pay people great salaries, I can start apprenticeship programs, I can set up workshops, I can collect all the waste I want, and nobody can tell me not to do these things.”

Kresse is clearly an innovator and a champion for reclamation, and we are proud to work with her and the Elvis & Kresse team. The collaboration came about when our long-term partner Barclays introduced us, and we then found out that our Director Stuart Shepherd lives just down the road from their workshop! Kresse recalls:

“Stuart came to visit us here, saw how all our products were made and was really quite excited about the potential. I like the personalities of everyone involved at Dukes. They’re very straightforward people, very interested and engaged. It doesn’t seem to be totally transactional to them, they want to do this because it’s the right thing to do and its probably going to be fun and interesting. We genuinely think that Dukes and their clients will be fantastic ambassadors for reclamation and materials rescue.”

Ask us to chat you through the options on ordering the Elvis & Kresse range from Dukes of London. We’d love to show you the samples.