Clip on and listen in

Music can lift the spirits, plus has a physical effect on our bodies – it works on the autonomic nervous system (controls blood pressure and heartbeat), as well as the limbic system (responsible for feelings and emotions).

Insert your standard earphones into the Mantis Bluetooth Receiver, clip it onto your clothing, and you can listen to music from your phone wirelessly.

At only £12.15 per unit when you order 100, this is an affordable gadget on which your branding can be a decent size – 5cm in width. Origination and delivery costs are on top – ask us for a quote. It’s a popular choice for our customers here at Dukes of London looking for good promotional merchandise. It’s handy for anyone not yet the proud owner of Bluetooth headphones.

The Mantis Bluetooth Receiver comes in grey, black or a bright apple green. The USB to micro USB cable for charging is included in the price.

The shape of this device was inspired by elongated body of the tropical Mantis insect, but don’t let that put you off clipping it to your shirt collar…

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