Merchandise Technology

Shopping Cart Technology
Our shopping cart can sit on top of any modern warehouse stock control system, which enables us to create online enquiry or e-commerce store. Our flexible technology enables client stores to ship products from the most convenient locations globally. Whether you need your products held in the UK, Germany, South Africa, USA or Hong Kong, our shopping cart technology helps you to choose the most cost-effective location to store your merchandise.

Crowdsave: Group Buy Technology
Dukes proprietary group buying software, Crowdsave, helps companies with multiple buyers to leverage their purchasing power by aggregating company spend and creating a buying community. Crowdsave can help companies to realise savings of up to 45% on promotional merchandise purchases.

How it works:

  • Buyer receives a buying opportunity via Crowdsave
  • Buyers 'piggy back' on the Crowdsave opportunity
  • Order quantity aggregates and prices drop dynamically
  • Contact us if you would like to see a free demo

Electronic signature approval
Dukes use state of the art e-signature approval software to help our customers keep a better track of their approvals, speed up approval times and to reduce the amount of paper used. As the first company in our industry to offer electronic signature technology, we are commited to reducing our carbon footprint and always look to use new technology to reduce our effect on the environment.